29224) There’s always someone that’s smaller who makes you feel like you’re not there yet. You will never be there.

Just like people in recovery have a choice to stay with recovery and see what good comes out of it, or to ‘leave’ recovery to go back to the safety of their eating disorder – because it’s all they have known for years and they know that no matter what happens during the hurricane (recovery), they will be safe in a place where the hurricane isn’t happening (their eating disorder).

Reblog if you’ve ever cried in a dressing room when you saw the way you looked.

gorgeousorbust-deactivated20120 said: Hello darling. I want to see how you look. :)

i know this is probly very late im sorry, but yeah im thinking about posting some up 

Anonymous said: how long will it take to lose 2 stone if i starve myself?

sorry i know this is probly very late havent been on in a long time, i do not recommend starving but if i correct thats 28lbs huh? it will take some time just be patient week by week steadly reduce things like sugary snacks  and soda dont make all the changes at once so that way you keep making progress :)


ive gotton so much better im not so obsessed anymore i know how to loose the weight but still eat normal at least i think i am? im not eating fullmeals but i am eating, its nice to be somewhat free? but then again theres always that voice, in a way i love ana, its my comfort zone i feel as if anas my bestfriend always there, no matter what, and when i have  a bad day the first thing i do is revert back to my old ways


Olivia Wilde, GQ Magazine

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